Tips on How to Ask a Biker Men or Biker Woman out after You Matched

The ultimate goal of every single Harley rider to get find either other friends, company or special biker boyfriend and biker girlfriend. But before they remove their flirting filed from biker dating sites into real life, motorcycle man and motorcycle girls should go though a few stages: creating a profile page to stand out from all other Harley man and Harley girls, swipe right to like your ideal biker man and biker girls, getting matches with biker guy and biker chicks and last but not least, hold a conversation with your potential biker date before ask him/her to meet. However, numerous questions arise by the point since a huge number of Harley motorcycle singles are stuck in the dilemma between being afraid to ask too soon and not wanting to keep messaging forever. In terms of the perfect timing and method to ask your motorcycle guy and motorcycle chick out, here are a few dating tips that will hopefully get you on a real Harley date!

First, you have to show your genuine interest in the other male Harley rider or female Harley rider. Instead of a few words like “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe”, a elaborated message containing at least 3-4 lines shows that you are putting effort into the relationship with your motorcycle man and motorcycle women. Remember the rule of Harley dating websites: the messages are relatively more impersonating compared to blind dates in exchange of the efficiency and convenience of free biker dating, therefore, short messages can be easily misinterpreted by your biker babes, and long messages will be serving as catalyst to keep the conversation flowing.

After you have gotten the feeling that you already have a decent understanding of this motorcycle baby, simply drop as a message such as “I really enjoy talking with you on Harley dating site, would you like to have a cup of coffee together at the local cafe?”

What if your biker babes say no? Or just to show that you are a biker gentleman or biker lady, you can as well add “It’s OK if you are not ready to meet, keeping messaging is always a good option for me”. In this way, you does not only add a gentle touch, but also avoids the embarrassing situation if your Harley man or Harley women turns you down.

Aside from the biker date developed from a carefully elaborated conversation, as a Harley motorcycle enthusiast, you can also suggest an impromptu meet up which will probably catch your male motorcycle rider or female motorcycle rider off guard. A good example is “Free for a quick dinner?”. This simple, short message does not only show that you are a confident person, but also makes the date a rather casual thing to avoid putting too much pressure on the both party. In the scenario, you don’t need to build a long conversation, after an exchange of a few messages, you are good to go!