The New Features on Online Biker Dating Sites

As online biker planet dating has become a huge part of a tremendous number of male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders who are looking to find a compatible biker rider to either have fun, share stories about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle or a like-minded soul to start a long-term relationship with. A variety kind of free Harley dating sites have also been developing its features in order to optimize the online biker dating experience for both biker guys and biker girls. And this article is determined to show Harley motorcycle riders the new features on online dating sites for bikers that everyone in the world of Harley motorcycle riding needs to know.

The Hang Out has recently just come up with a new feature called Hang Out, which allows biker women and biker man to find other bikers love Harley Davidson bikes based on distances. Once you allow the GPS function on this biker dating site, both you and other motorcycle man and motorcycle women have the access to see each other’s distances. And if you find the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy appealing, feel free to check their profile and decide whether you want to send him or her a request to hang out. In this part, you can send a personalized message to the Harley man or Harley women such as “You want to go on a motorcycle ride with me?” or “Do you want to meet over a cup of coffee so we could get to know each other better?”. Once the message is sent, the other single Harley rider will either accept or ignore the request. When both parties are on board, it is time to meet in person and share your quality time with the other Harley man or Harley women.

The Grand Compatibility., which is famous for its scientific bases the online biker dating site has, has just launched its latest feature which has gone viral in the world of online motorcycle dating site. The Grand Compatibility makes it possible to let science to have a say about whether two biker chicks and biker dudes are compatible with each other or not. Firstly, the online biker dating service will ask each registered biker user about their hobbies, personalities as well as motorcycle riding habits. Moreover, each one of the biker babes and motorcycle babes should complete a whole questionnaire in order for the system to get to know them better. After everything is done, it is time to start a grand new journey and get your own motorcycle matches!

The Biker Counselor.
Every single Harley rider on can get free relationship counselling service once they have moved their dating spot from free biker dating sites to offline. All the relationship counselor on this biker dating platform has over 5 years of working experience and will provide solid biker darting tips to each motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude to cater to their own need.