Online Biker Dating Tips for a Hot Date

Scientists who have been studying the online biker dating and Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle have just come up with a new theory: the secret to success of online biker dating is to aim high, be brief and be patient.

Biker girls and biker guys who are out there, playing out of your league, hard to get or dating other biker women and biker man who are considered more attractive than you can be a winning strategy which helps you to find the right motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy on online Harley dating sites.

Another interesting fact is that motorcycle men have a bigger chance into winning the heart of the motorcycle women who they believed were more attractive than themselves.

Thus, dear Harley guys and Harley girls, aim high is probably what you should start doing now when it comes to online motorcycle dating websites.

Thanks to an internet inspired algorithm, scientists were able to back the theory up with a study which was conducted among more than 25,000 Harley girls and Harley guys. It becomes much easier to understand the desires of man biker as well as women biker who are looking forward to connect other motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. During the study, a message and demographic pattern have just come up.
Ever since online biker dating has become the newest trend in the world of motorcycle dating, it is the second most popular ways of meeting a Harley girls or Harley guys who also share the interest into Harley Davidson bike riding.

According to the result, both Harley men and Harley women contact potential biker partners who are around 25% more desirable than themselves, which works out perfectly.

To define desirability of a motorcycle babe or motorcycle dude, scientists who specialize in the dating world of online biker dating, said it is not based on the quantity of messages a Harley motorcycle rider receive from another, but the quality of the other biker chick or biker dude that you receive message from.

When the messages a motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude come from the biker ladies and biker gentlemen who have themselves received lots of messages on a daily basis, then the motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman is desirable.

Now let’s move to the next part: patience is also one of the three keys when it comes to a hot date. The motorcycle dudes and motorcycle chicks who have enough amount of patience always tend to stick around on the free motorcycle dating sites than those who don’t. And as a result, their chance of meeting a Harley Davidson bike lover is three times higher than those who don’t. scientists on biker dating websites have also found that the longer time you spent on online biker dating sites, the bigger chance the motorcycle ladies as well as motorcycle dudes have to meet a compatible half who are also into motorcycle riding lifestyle.

Aiming high, being brief and being patient will get you a hot date with the right Harley motorcycle rider.

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