How I Met My Biker Girl

The story started in a sunny afternoon where I was in a rally for Harley motorcycle riders seven years ago. And from a biker friend I got to know the development of online Harley dating websites, which has made an enormous contribution to the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. And it is on a same afternoon that I decided to sign up on one of the most famous online biker dating websites, which is the start of the love story.

At the very first sight at the online biker dating app I was fairly surprised at how neatly down the features were and how powerful these seemingly easy-to-use online tools can be.

There is a smart feature for compatibility between biker girls and biker guys. At first, the free Harley dating sites request the biker women and biker men to fill in a well-designed questionnaire in order to get to know their personalities. With the specially designed feature, motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys are able to find the one of the best biker matches among registered biker users with only a little of effort.

And that was how I met Jean, my wife for three years and mother-to-be, more importantly, a Harley motorcycle rider who share the same passion for Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with me. Even though I was too shy and nerdy to come up with the first pick-up line on free biker dating websites, Jean was still kind enough to respond me with a serious of kind messages. According to her, it was only because that she was new to this whole online biker dating thing, otherwise she would never reply a whole bunch of messages to a random biker dude saying only What’s up girl?

Now I guess I can’t thank this little coincidence enough, which lead to a healthy, stable and beautiful relationship between Harley girl and Harley guy. After talking for straight two month, I finally got enough courage to ask the biker chick if she wanted to meet in person over a cup of coffee or something. And as every motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, we are keen on meeting other like-minded single Harley riders. So of course, our first date was in a remote village with us riding Harley Davidson bikes around. I remember the day I found a burger stand after 4 hours of riding and two of us finished 7 local cheese burgers in a row, which was such a weird, funny and unique date experience. And it was then I started to believe in online motorcycle dating sites which, surprisingly, does even better than the traditional way of dating sometimes.

Of course, I would consider myself as one of the lucky biker babes because it didn’t take long for me to meet the right man biker or women biker. However, as long as male Harley riders and female Harley riders won’t make a bit more efforts, a love story as fascinating would come to you as well.