BikerPlanet is the first choice for meeting local bikers

Riding on a two-wheel machine on a highway while only leaving others an occasional jolt of recognition and then zooming away past them within merely a second is what every biker lover enjoy, however, riding a companion can definitely bring the joy to another new level. But it’s not as easy for biker enthusiasts to find other like-minded people who also love motorcycle riding culture as those who share a mainstream passion. Facing a tremendous number of online biker dating sites, the chance for them to find a biker girl or a biker dude can be rather slim. Good news for them, in order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, BikerPlanet, one of the most popular online dating websites catering only to biker singles offers a special deal-free membership for 3 months.

Being a pioneer who ushered in the field of online dating designed for motorcycle singles since the establishment year of 2008, BikerPlanet has helped over 1 million motorcycle riders to connect with each other virtually, 69% of whom, ended up in a long lasting and meaningful relationship, which marks surely an incomparable statistic for its fellow competitors. The astonishingly high success rate can be attributed to the sheer volume of member base consisting of more than 3.1 millions of singles who are passionate about motorcycle riding. Moreover, registered members of BikerPlanet can be found in 23 countries and 5 continents, which means the chance for members to meet other biker singles with a different cultural background is greatly multiplied.

not only does the motorcycle online dating site outshines other similar dating platforms with its massive number of users, but also the professional features specifically tailored for biker lovers. According to a recent research, 92% of Biker Planet singles think the feature called “ hang out with bikers” is playing a significant role for them to conduct an active social like on BikerPlanet, where biker singles and update their latest status and invite others to hang out. Whether it’s a friendly meet up over coffee, a motorcycle date or even a rally gathers hundreds of people who are eager to share their motorcycle riding experience, “hang out with bikers” is always regarded as the most efficient as well as practical feature to meet others.

Through the years, BikerPlanet has gained a high reputation for its role of carrying forward the responsibility of promoting the understanding among biker communities. 4 forum and 8 chat rooms, each of which has its own theme, allows bikers to share their opinions and experience about motorcycle riding. Also, a full session of professional advice for bikers is also available since last year. By actively engaging in promoting motorcycle riding, BikerPlanet is way more than just an online dating sites, but also a huge social network for those who are passionate about motorcycle culture.

For those who are still hesitating because of the problem of security, it is undeniable that information leakage prevails on numerous online website, however, not so with BikerPlanet, where all the personal information as well as chatting history are secured with SSL.

Click on the link bellow and within a few minutes of signing up, you will be stepping your feet on the journey in search of love!

Uncategorized is the first Harley dating site

Differs from other general dating site, is customized for bikers to find friends, long-term relationship and ideal biker match. It is the paradise for girl motorcycle babes, single biker man, Harley single drivers to enjoy the biker culture and hoop up with other single bikers and even develop to be lovers.

Free trial:
It’s free to sign up on Harley Dating Site. Just entering the simple information like username, email address, height, religion, you can get an login account. Then you may take some time to create a profile with detailed information and nice photos. It’s simple and interesting. Just be true and intriguing, your profile will be attractive in the search results.

With an impressive profile, you will be searched out and could get contact from others. It’s free to reply email and online chat that initiated by other uses. Also you can try to contact others by sending wink and comments to other profiles. Some active features and function are free for all standard members.

To get access to all features and functions, users may choose a suitable package to upgrade to gold membership from the following list:

1 month subscription: $50
3 months subscription: $90
6 months subscription: $144

For standard members, there are some features visible for free:
Basic search tool
View potential profiles and photos recommended by the system
Check some hot list and block users if you don’t like
Check dating tips from others and post your own idea
FAQ and wonderful customer services
Post comments to other profiles
Comment on active blogs and forums

Features for Gold members:
Initiate Chat online or email message to someone you like
Check the reading status of emails you sent to other users
View list of who is interested/viewed me
Start a new topic in biker forum and blogs
Search profiles with advanced tools
Get verified and recommend in the highlight spot
Get full access to biker photos and videos

Safety and security:
The site offers a strict access to all users when Joined in. The automatic censor system and one-by-one checking in person policy make sure the site is safe for real biker users. And it’s easy and soon for users to report or hide any suspect users or someone with inappropriate behaviors. There’s no door for fake profile or scammer. All information of users are confidential from the third part.

Verdict: is a professional biker dating site for bikers. It is simple designed, active interact, easy to operate. It has a large population of true biker members from all over the world. You can easily search out your local users. The ratio of the women to man ration on Harley Dating Site is 1:1. That make it outstanding from the online dating world. The safety environment ensures you to post your information and communicate with other single biker members. If you are serious in seeking for a single biker girl or biker man to share the biker life with or find biker friends to go riding, we recommend you to check Harley Dating Site.


MeetLocalBikers is really great for meeting local bikers

Decade ago when the internet first came to our life, a majority of biker singles still stick to the conventional way of finding some one compatible who are passionate about the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle by letting time and nature take its course. Decade later with the rapidly evolving mentality and the greatly growing acceptance toward the newly invented way of biker dating, there are a tremendous amount of Harley motorcycle females and Harley biker dudes start to turn to the Harley biker  dating website which allows them to conduct a more active social life more effectively. Furthermore, with the help of Harley biker dating site, the chance of meeting the special Harley biker lover who you might never cross your life with in real life is greatly multiplied.

It is true that numerous online dating sites catering to biker enthusiasts has greatly facilitated the motorcycle dating life for thousands of hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts. However, facing a wide range of variety of different so-called professional Harley biker online dating platform with an uneven quality, finding a truly reliable starting place for your Harley motorcycle love-seeking journey seems to be what matters most. According to the statistic by May, 2018, Meet Local Bikers, one of the few first established Harley biker dating site dedicated to help Harley motorcycle lovers to bond with each other for 11 years, is highly recommended as the most successful Harley motorcycle singles dating site for its quality Harley biker dating experience.

On MeetLocalBikers, the sheer number of registered Harley motorcycle lovers ranks the number one in the filed of online dating website for motorcycle lovers. With over 7.8 millions quality Harley biker enthusiasts who are active on a daily basis and a constant inflow of newly emerged Harley singles share the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, it is not a complicated grudge anymore to find a compatible special Harley biker rider. Not only does Harley biker lovers outnumbers the users on other similar motorcycle online dating sites, the quality of registered numbers is also the highlight of the professional Harley dating site designed only for Harley biker lovers. With Harley biker lovers mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and South Africa, MeetLocalBikers makes it a ideal Harley biker online platform for Harley motorcycle singles to get a taste of different culture.

Moreover, 56% of veteran Harley biker enthusiasts with over 7 years of experience and 21% of professional Harley motorcycle lover who have been to a state-level motorcycle riding rally, MeetLocalBikers is not merely an expert online dating website for Harley motorcycle singles, but is also on its way to becoming the largest-ever social network which aimed to promote the understanding among numerous Harley biker enthusiasts.

MeetLocalBikers, the pioneer Harley biker dating website which has helped over 5.8 millions Harley motorcycle singles to connect with each other now proposes a 58% discount for those who have read the article and clicked the link below to sign up on the professional motorcycle dating website. Within 3 minutes of signing up process, you will start your brand new love-seeking journey on MeetLocalBikers.

Uncategorized help you meet plenty of local bikers

In this age where people are suffering from an increasing amount of pressure and having little time to conduct an active social life, more and more biker singles start to benefit from motorcycle online dating for its overpowering advantage over meeting like-minded bikers in real life. Not only does meeting biker singles online can be very efficient within a few seconds a list of matched motorcycle lovers can be provided based on the compatibility, but also its greatly multiplied possibility: unlike the traditional way of biker dating, you can meet hundreds of motorcycle lovers whose lives might have never crossed with yours if it’s not for the powerful internet.

As a huge amount of biker girls and biker dudes flock to a wide variety of newly emerged motorcycle online dating websites, the dark side of the seemingly convenient dating platform reveals. Whether its being requested to swipe the credit card once registered but not getting expected service, or encountering countless faker or scams because of the lack of security protection, once confident motorcycle enthusiasts have gradually lost their faith in motorcycle rider online dating. However, as universally acknowledged in the biker online dating websites, Plenty of Bikers can definitely be marked as the most successful as well as reliable online match maker catering only for biker lovers.

After painstaking hard work for 2 years, PlentyofBikers is finally launched in the year of 2007. the website, as one of the few pioneer dating website for biker singles, has attracted 800,000 singles share the same passion of motorcycle riding over night, and today, the size of the member base, which consists of about 5 millions registered harley singles, outshines other similar motorcycle rider online dating websites. The user base of is not only renowned for the sheer volume but also the cultural diversity. With registered motorcycle singles from 34 countries speaking 7 languages, you can meet singles share the same passion for motorcycle riding who are from all over the world and get a taste of different culture and enjoy the beauty of diversity.

The success that Plenty of Bikers has achieved can be also attributed to the unique features as well as personalized dating advice. On, registered biker singles can be featured as “certified bikers” by submitting the pictures of their driver’s license, which allows then to get a lot more exposure. Also, motorcycle singles can search other biker friends by specified criteria like motorcycle type, motorcycle lifestyle and view only professional biker singles. In addition, created a series of dating advice tailored only for motorcycle lovers. With separated sections like “how to maintain a long and interesting conversation”, “how to flirt to meet the special someone”, “the art of motorcycle dating” and “how to ask biker girls/ biker dudes out”, is highly regarded as one of the greatest contributor to biker dating for the last 5 years in a row.

For biker singles wishing to share the joy of motorcycle riding with other like-minded motorcycle lovers and develop a long lasting and romantic relationship with them, will be the top option and the starting place of your love seeking journey!

Uncategorized help motorcycle riders meet local bikers next door

Nowadays, online dating has been a popular, or even accepted way of meeting other like-mined Harley biker lovers for a tremendous number of Harley motorcycle singles who share the same passion for motorcycle riding lifestyle. The huge success that Harley biker online dating has achieved can be mainly attributed to its high efficiency and widened chance. A tremendous amount of Harley motorcycle singles flock to different online dating websites catering for Harley motorcycle enthusiasts for the fact that a whole list of compatible and like-minded Harley biker lovers will come up within seconds and there is a greatly widened possibility to meet Harley biker lovers whose life might have have an intersection without the help of powerful internet.

When it comes to finding a special Harley motorcycle single online, we can’t avoid talking about the number one Harley motorcycle dating site, BikerNext with the highest success rate in the field of online dating websites for Harley biker enthusiasts.

BikerNext, the expert dating site catering exclusively to singles who are passionate about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, is highly recommended by its over 12.3 millions previous Harley motorcycle users for its massive member base, the originality and practicability of the unique features and the excellent costumer service.

The huge member base on Biker Next consists of a total of 9,2 millions registered biker singles mainly from the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Not only does the highly reputed Harley dating site has huge amount of quality registered Harley motorcycle lovers, but also the cultural diversity which biker users can get a taste.

Aside from the impressive quantity of the member base on, the high quality of the Harley bikers are also a highlight on the one of the most successful Harley motorcycle riders’ dating site. Unlike many other websites for motorcycle riders where almost every one can get a membership by paying a certain amount of fee, requires every Harley biker enthusiast to submit the pictures of their ID card to verify their identity during the registration process, furthermore, some manual research work will be done to verify the identity of some certain suspicious users and activities. Till today, the highly reputed biker dating platform has the lowest rate of encountering a fake or fraud.

The features on are also specifically designed for Harley motorcycle enthusiasts. For example, Harley biker lovers with a driver’s license will be featured as “Certified Harley Biker”. And Harley motorcycle lovers can also search other biker friends by their motorcycle brand, motorcycle riding habits and years of experience. The section named “Harley Hang Out” permits all the registered Harley biker singles to post their status and ideas in order to set up different event and invite other Harley biker singles out.

As long as you are single and you enjoy the bike riding lifestyle, is the top choice for all the Harley motorcycle singles to conduct an active social life and make a change in their life.


Online biker dating websites to find the compatible Harley motorcycle rider

Online biker dating has had a booming popularity for the last two years for its amazingly high efficiency and possibility to meet a like-minded biker guy or biker girls.

With the creation of an increasing number of online biker dating websites, every online motorcycle dating websites is trying its best to impress biker women and biker man with its newly launched features. As an active member in the community of Harley motorcycle riding for more than a decade, I have witnessed the transformation of the world of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. How biker chicks and biker dudes date have drastically changed. The questions I have been getting from biker women and biker man are completely different from the ones I get a year before. “Where do I choose the best online motorcycle dating apps for a casual relationship?”, “is there a free motorcycle dating websites that support open relationship?” or “I just want to find more friends to ride on Harley Davidson bikes with, is it possible?”

Nowadays, why motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy turn to online biker dating platforms are not limited to finding the compatible Harley motorcycle rider to spend the rest of life with. More and more single Harley riders are on online biker dating apps for a various kind of reasons. And to meet their needs, I have compiled a list of quality free biker dating sites with different strength and highlights.
It’s definitely one of the firstly established online motorcycle dating platforms that cater to the majority of motorcycle women and motorcycle man. If you want to connect to other like-minded single Harley riders, and meet your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend, will e your first and best option. With the huge member base consisting of over a million motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes from all over the world, the quality features and strong security system, is qualified to be the largest leader in the field of online motorcycle dating.
If you are not ready for a long term and stable relationship with a motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude, then this online motorcycle dating website is for you. According to the founder of, the website is meant to gather Harley guy and Harley girls who are looking for casual fun, but also to connect with like-minded single Harley riders over their same passion for Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.
Maybe you are not ready to get romantically involved with other Harley women or Harley man, therefore you can easily sign up on for the possibility to meet more man bikers and women bikers who like motorcycle riding. Even though it’s still an online motorcycle dating platform, but a non-romance option is provided for Harley chicks and Harley dudes to meet motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentleman. Moreover. All kinds of motorcycle riding related events can be posted and it’s super easy to arrange a rally on this online Harley dating site!


The Top Online Biker Dating Rules

The rules of online biker dating have greatly changed. Forget about the online biker dating tips that don’t apply to the rules for Harley motorcycle riders today. Instead of expecting the male Harley riders to pay or never get more intimate than kissing on the first date with your Harley motorcycle rider, it’s of great importance to get a sense of today’s online biker dating rules, which are a little more user-friendly. Without further due, let’s dig into the online motorcycle dating rules that can boost your success rate on online motorcycle dating websites.

Confidence is the key to attract other single Harley riders.
Many profiles on online biker dating websites start with statements such as“ I’m not the best Harley motorcycle rider that you could find” or “Riding on my Harley Davidson bike is the my strong point.” Even though modesty is one of the greatest quality that every male Harley rider or female Harley rider could have, biker girls and biker guys are doing themselves no favor by being modest on an online biker dating website to meet local bikers. If you put yourself down or don’t have the confidence to compliment yourself, chances are you are not going to catch the eyes of biker women and biker men.

Be more specific.
The goal of the online biker dating game is to catch the eye of your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend with whom you have lots in common with. You do this by being original and, more importantly, specific about your interests. For example, instead of saying that you are passionate about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, which is obvious, give your potential motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy more details. Mention how many years you have been riding motorcycle and what kind of Harley Davidson bike you have. Or even describe the best motorcycle riding experience you have had. Specific information does not only make you sound more appealing, and it also attract the like-minded and compatible biker chicks and biker dudes who enjoy the same thing.

No single Harley rider is interested to hear about your past.
It’s totally normal for motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to have a history of exes, or even a series of a bad breakdown or two. However, never admit it to a motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls on the very initial stage on free Harley dating site. Because you will easily come off as a man biker or women biker who’s not emotionally available and lingers in the past. As a result, your chances of getting a compatible Harley guy or Harley girls will be greatly decreased.

Be patient.
The brutal fact is that the motorcycle women or motorcycle man might not get any messages replied right away. Don’t get disappointed or demotivated. Since the reasons might vary. Chances are you failed to match with the truly compatible motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude. Thus, just hang in there and don’t lose hope of finding a like-minded Harley motorcycle rider.


Keep the Conversation Going after Matching on Biker Dating Sites

Flirting over the initial few messages is easy for Harley motorcycle riders on online Harley dating websites, but how do you build the connection with your biker girls or biker guy over the messages on online biker dating sites? biker dating expert Rebecca Lindsey, who’s been working on online biker dating websites for more than a decade, shares her online biker dating tips for keeping the conversation going.

Every single Harley rider knows the drill; you match with a like-minded biker women or biker man, you greet them trying to catch the attention of your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend, and then you will find out the passion and enthusiasm vanishes off. Let’s face the reality on most free Harley dating websites: it’s difficult to keep up the pace with your biker women or biker man if you are only communicating behind the screen on online motorcycle dating websites. Now, with the online biker dating tips provided by Dr. Lindsey, let’s discover a few new ways to talk with your biker chick or biker dude while establishing a solid connection.

Harley motorcycle riders don’t necessarily need to say much.
No single Harley rider would want to come off as desperate in front of their ideal biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend. Thus, talking too much in a little period of time will hinder your chances of developing a connection with your biker women or biker man.

Choosing how you talk to your Harley motorcycle rider
Almost every man biker and women biker today is in constant contact via free biker kiss dating sites and all kinds of chatting tools, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good way to communicate. Thus, when you talk to your potential motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman, mix up your communication methods: not only can you sending messages on the phone, but you could also use some emojis to stir up the atmosphere. Moreover, voice call and even video call are also recommended for motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes.

Harley motorcycle riders should send quality messages
Dear Harley women and Harley man, forget about the boring and plein messages like: “Hey, how was your day?” instead, you will need to be creative. Don’t be afraid to ask unique and special questions to stand out from other Harley girls and Harley guys. Personalize the message instead of sending a message that could apply to every single Harley rider. For example, ask your ideal man biker or women biker: “Did you have a good day on the giant Harley Davidson bike? Bet it was cool”. Moreover, try to think of different ways to start a conversation with your biker chick or biker dude.

Choose the best timing to start a conversation with your Harley motorcycle rider
According to the executive of, the best timing to take initiative is when you feel the urge, but wait for 15 minutes. Think carefully what you are going to say to your Harley chick or Harley dude to avoid ineffective communication.


The Revealing Facts of Online Motorcycle Dating Sites

Whether you’re one of the male Harley riders or female Harley riders who have successfully found their compatible biker partner or not, online biker dating is increasingly popular among biker girls and biker guys, especially among younger single Harley riders who live a rapid-paced Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and don’t have much time to find a like-minded biker women or biker man. If you are looking for the right motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy on free biker dating sites, it is of great importance to learn more about more about all of the potential biker girlfriend and biker boyfriend in the field of online motorcycle dating to increase your chance to find a biker babe or motorcycle babe to share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.
There would always be little white lies.

According to a survey conducted among 5000 motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys, there are from 50% to 80% of Harley motorcycle riders who use online biker dating tell lies about themselves on their profile page. Some motorcycle women and motorcycle men even did it unconsciously because they want to stand out from other Harley girls and Harley guys. Harley women tend to lie about their age and past relationship, while the majority of Harley men have admitted to lying about their jobs and height. However, telling lies is definitely not the smartest move on online Harley dating sites because it doesn’t worth to please the Harley motorcycle rider who doesn’t appreciate you for yourself.

Biker chicks and biker dudes think differently.
I believe a lot of Harley chicks and Harley dudes have read the book: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which is such a renowned book indicates the different ways of thinking between motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. According to free motorcycle dating websites, the biker users are 59.4% biker men and 40.6% biker women. And how differently biker women and biker man think can also causes problems from building a connection with each other.

Every single Harley rider Online dating is for everyone: the number of 20-29 year-old single Harley riders who use the online biker dating services nearly tripled from 2017 to 2020: from 30,000 to almost a million frequent biker users on online motorcycle dating websites. Likewise, while only about 3% of veteran bikers of 40-59 year old bikers used free motorcycle dating websites in 2017, 29% of biker chicks and biker dudes use it today, which has surprised a huge number of Harley motorcycle riders.

Every single Harley rider has its right time to connect with the special Harley motorcycle rider.
According to a recently conducted survey among more than 2,000 single Harley riders on online biker dating apps, 2% of them have successfully found their compatible motorcycle partner within the first week of registration, while 30% took more than 6 months to fall in love with a like-minded biker chick or biker dude. Thus, there is a best timing for every Harley motorcycle rider who is looking for love.


How I Met My Biker Girl

The story started in a sunny afternoon where I was in a rally for Harley motorcycle riders seven years ago. And from a biker friend I got to know the development of online Harley dating websites, which has made an enormous contribution to the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. And it is on a same afternoon that I decided to sign up on one of the most famous online biker dating websites, which is the start of the love story.

At the very first sight at the online biker dating app I was fairly surprised at how neatly down the features were and how powerful these seemingly easy-to-use online tools can be.

There is a smart feature for compatibility between biker girls and biker guys. At first, the free Harley dating sites request the biker women and biker men to fill in a well-designed questionnaire in order to get to know their personalities. With the specially designed feature, motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys are able to find the one of the best biker matches among registered biker users with only a little of effort.

And that was how I met Jean, my wife for three years and mother-to-be, more importantly, a Harley motorcycle rider who share the same passion for Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with me. Even though I was too shy and nerdy to come up with the first pick-up line on free biker dating websites, Jean was still kind enough to respond me with a serious of kind messages. According to her, it was only because that she was new to this whole online biker dating thing, otherwise she would never reply a whole bunch of messages to a random biker dude saying only What’s up girl?

Now I guess I can’t thank this little coincidence enough, which lead to a healthy, stable and beautiful relationship between Harley girl and Harley guy. After talking for straight two month, I finally got enough courage to ask the biker chick if she wanted to meet in person over a cup of coffee or something. And as every motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, we are keen on meeting other like-minded single Harley riders. So of course, our first date was in a remote village with us riding Harley Davidson bikes around. I remember the day I found a burger stand after 4 hours of riding and two of us finished 7 local cheese burgers in a row, which was such a weird, funny and unique date experience. And it was then I started to believe in online motorcycle dating sites which, surprisingly, does even better than the traditional way of dating sometimes.

Of course, I would consider myself as one of the lucky biker babes because it didn’t take long for me to meet the right man biker or women biker. However, as long as male Harley riders and female Harley riders won’t make a bit more efforts, a love story as fascinating would come to you as well.