BikerPlanet is the first choice for meeting local bikers

Riding on a two-wheel machine on a highway while only leaving others an occasional jolt of recognition and then zooming away past them within merely a second is what every biker lover enjoy, however, riding a companion can definitely bring the joy to another new level. But it’s not as easy for biker enthusiasts to find other like-minded people who also love motorcycle riding culture as those who share a mainstream passion. Facing a tremendous number of online biker dating sites, the chance for them to find a biker girl or a biker dude can be rather slim. Good news for them, in order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, BikerPlanet, one of the most popular online dating websites catering only to biker singles offers a special deal-free membership for 3 months.

Being a pioneer who ushered in the field of online dating designed for motorcycle singles since the establishment year of 2008, BikerPlanet has helped over 1 million motorcycle riders to connect with each other virtually, 69% of whom, ended up in a long lasting and meaningful relationship, which marks surely an incomparable statistic for its fellow competitors. The astonishingly high success rate can be attributed to the sheer volume of member base consisting of more than 3.1 millions of singles who are passionate about motorcycle riding. Moreover, registered members of BikerPlanet can be found in 23 countries and 5 continents, which means the chance for members to meet other biker singles with a different cultural background is greatly multiplied.

not only does the motorcycle online dating site outshines other similar dating platforms with its massive number of users, but also the professional features specifically tailored for biker lovers. According to a recent research, 92% of Biker Planet singles think the feature called “ hang out with bikers” is playing a significant role for them to conduct an active social like on BikerPlanet, where biker singles and update their latest status and invite others to hang out. Whether it’s a friendly meet up over coffee, a motorcycle date or even a rally gathers hundreds of people who are eager to share their motorcycle riding experience, “hang out with bikers” is always regarded as the most efficient as well as practical feature to meet others.

Through the years, BikerPlanet has gained a high reputation for its role of carrying forward the responsibility of promoting the understanding among biker communities. 4 forum and 8 chat rooms, each of which has its own theme, allows bikers to share their opinions and experience about motorcycle riding. Also, a full session of professional advice for bikers is also available since last year. By actively engaging in promoting motorcycle riding, BikerPlanet is way more than just an online dating sites, but also a huge social network for those who are passionate about motorcycle culture.

For those who are still hesitating because of the problem of security, it is undeniable that information leakage prevails on numerous online website, however, not so with BikerPlanet, where all the personal information as well as chatting history are secured with SSL.

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