Online biker dating websites to find the compatible Harley motorcycle rider

Online biker dating has had a booming popularity for the last two years for its amazingly high efficiency and possibility to meet a like-minded biker guy or biker girls.

With the creation of an increasing number of online biker dating websites, every online motorcycle dating websites is trying its best to impress biker women and biker man with its newly launched features. As an active member in the community of Harley motorcycle riding for more than a decade, I have witnessed the transformation of the world of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. How biker chicks and biker dudes date have drastically changed. The questions I have been getting from biker women and biker man are completely different from the ones I get a year before. “Where do I choose the best online motorcycle dating apps for a casual relationship?”, “is there a free motorcycle dating websites that support open relationship?” or “I just want to find more friends to ride on Harley Davidson bikes with, is it possible?”

Nowadays, why motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy turn to online biker dating platforms are not limited to finding the compatible Harley motorcycle rider to spend the rest of life with. More and more single Harley riders are on online biker dating apps for a various kind of reasons. And to meet their needs, I have compiled a list of quality free biker dating sites with different strength and highlights.
It’s definitely one of the firstly established online motorcycle dating platforms that cater to the majority of motorcycle women and motorcycle man. If you want to connect to other like-minded single Harley riders, and meet your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend, will e your first and best option. With the huge member base consisting of over a million motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes from all over the world, the quality features and strong security system, is qualified to be the largest leader in the field of online motorcycle dating.
If you are not ready for a long term and stable relationship with a motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude, then this online motorcycle dating website is for you. According to the founder of, the website is meant to gather Harley guy and Harley girls who are looking for casual fun, but also to connect with like-minded single Harley riders over their same passion for Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.
Maybe you are not ready to get romantically involved with other Harley women or Harley man, therefore you can easily sign up on for the possibility to meet more man bikers and women bikers who like motorcycle riding. Even though it’s still an online motorcycle dating platform, but a non-romance option is provided for Harley chicks and Harley dudes to meet motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentleman. Moreover. All kinds of motorcycle riding related events can be posted and it’s super easy to arrange a rally on this online Harley dating site!


The Top Online Biker Dating Rules

The rules of online biker dating have greatly changed. Forget about the online biker dating tips that don’t apply to the rules for Harley motorcycle riders today. Instead of expecting the male Harley riders to pay or never get more intimate than kissing on the first date with your Harley motorcycle rider, it’s of great importance to get a sense of today’s online biker dating rules, which are a little more user-friendly. Without further due, let’s dig into the online motorcycle dating rules that can boost your success rate on online motorcycle dating websites.

Confidence is the key to attract other single Harley riders.
Many profiles on online biker dating websites start with statements such as“ I’m not the best Harley motorcycle rider that you could find” or “Riding on my Harley Davidson bike is the my strong point.” Even though modesty is one of the greatest quality that every male Harley rider or female Harley rider could have, biker girls and biker guys are doing themselves no favor by being modest on an online biker dating website to meet local bikers. If you put yourself down or don’t have the confidence to compliment yourself, chances are you are not going to catch the eyes of biker women and biker men.

Be more specific.
The goal of the online biker dating game is to catch the eye of your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend with whom you have lots in common with. You do this by being original and, more importantly, specific about your interests. For example, instead of saying that you are passionate about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, which is obvious, give your potential motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy more details. Mention how many years you have been riding motorcycle and what kind of Harley Davidson bike you have. Or even describe the best motorcycle riding experience you have had. Specific information does not only make you sound more appealing, and it also attract the like-minded and compatible biker chicks and biker dudes who enjoy the same thing.

No single Harley rider is interested to hear about your past.
It’s totally normal for motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to have a history of exes, or even a series of a bad breakdown or two. However, never admit it to a motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls on the very initial stage on free Harley dating site. Because you will easily come off as a man biker or women biker who’s not emotionally available and lingers in the past. As a result, your chances of getting a compatible Harley guy or Harley girls will be greatly decreased.

Be patient.
The brutal fact is that the motorcycle women or motorcycle man might not get any messages replied right away. Don’t get disappointed or demotivated. Since the reasons might vary. Chances are you failed to match with the truly compatible motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude. Thus, just hang in there and don’t lose hope of finding a like-minded Harley motorcycle rider.


Keep the Conversation Going after Matching on Biker Dating Sites

Flirting over the initial few messages is easy for Harley motorcycle riders on online Harley dating websites, but how do you build the connection with your biker girls or biker guy over the messages on online biker dating sites? biker dating expert Rebecca Lindsey, who’s been working on online biker dating websites for more than a decade, shares her online biker dating tips for keeping the conversation going.

Every single Harley rider knows the drill; you match with a like-minded biker women or biker man, you greet them trying to catch the attention of your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend, and then you will find out the passion and enthusiasm vanishes off. Let’s face the reality on most free Harley dating websites: it’s difficult to keep up the pace with your biker women or biker man if you are only communicating behind the screen on online motorcycle dating websites. Now, with the online biker dating tips provided by Dr. Lindsey, let’s discover a few new ways to talk with your biker chick or biker dude while establishing a solid connection.

Harley motorcycle riders don’t necessarily need to say much.
No single Harley rider would want to come off as desperate in front of their ideal biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend. Thus, talking too much in a little period of time will hinder your chances of developing a connection with your biker women or biker man.

Choosing how you talk to your Harley motorcycle rider
Almost every man biker and women biker today is in constant contact via free biker kiss dating sites and all kinds of chatting tools, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good way to communicate. Thus, when you talk to your potential motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman, mix up your communication methods: not only can you sending messages on the phone, but you could also use some emojis to stir up the atmosphere. Moreover, voice call and even video call are also recommended for motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes.

Harley motorcycle riders should send quality messages
Dear Harley women and Harley man, forget about the boring and plein messages like: “Hey, how was your day?” instead, you will need to be creative. Don’t be afraid to ask unique and special questions to stand out from other Harley girls and Harley guys. Personalize the message instead of sending a message that could apply to every single Harley rider. For example, ask your ideal man biker or women biker: “Did you have a good day on the giant Harley Davidson bike? Bet it was cool”. Moreover, try to think of different ways to start a conversation with your biker chick or biker dude.

Choose the best timing to start a conversation with your Harley motorcycle rider
According to the executive of, the best timing to take initiative is when you feel the urge, but wait for 15 minutes. Think carefully what you are going to say to your Harley chick or Harley dude to avoid ineffective communication.


The Revealing Facts of Online Motorcycle Dating Sites

Whether you’re one of the male Harley riders or female Harley riders who have successfully found their compatible biker partner or not, online biker dating is increasingly popular among biker girls and biker guys, especially among younger single Harley riders who live a rapid-paced Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and don’t have much time to find a like-minded biker women or biker man. If you are looking for the right motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy on free biker dating sites, it is of great importance to learn more about more about all of the potential biker girlfriend and biker boyfriend in the field of online motorcycle dating to increase your chance to find a biker babe or motorcycle babe to share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.
There would always be little white lies.

According to a survey conducted among 5000 motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys, there are from 50% to 80% of Harley motorcycle riders who use online biker dating tell lies about themselves on their profile page. Some motorcycle women and motorcycle men even did it unconsciously because they want to stand out from other Harley girls and Harley guys. Harley women tend to lie about their age and past relationship, while the majority of Harley men have admitted to lying about their jobs and height. However, telling lies is definitely not the smartest move on online Harley dating sites because it doesn’t worth to please the Harley motorcycle rider who doesn’t appreciate you for yourself.

Biker chicks and biker dudes think differently.
I believe a lot of Harley chicks and Harley dudes have read the book: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which is such a renowned book indicates the different ways of thinking between motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. According to free motorcycle dating websites, the biker users are 59.4% biker men and 40.6% biker women. And how differently biker women and biker man think can also causes problems from building a connection with each other.

Every single Harley rider Online dating is for everyone: the number of 20-29 year-old single Harley riders who use the online biker dating services nearly tripled from 2017 to 2020: from 30,000 to almost a million frequent biker users on online motorcycle dating websites. Likewise, while only about 3% of veteran bikers of 40-59 year old bikers used free motorcycle dating websites in 2017, 29% of biker chicks and biker dudes use it today, which has surprised a huge number of Harley motorcycle riders.

Every single Harley rider has its right time to connect with the special Harley motorcycle rider.
According to a recently conducted survey among more than 2,000 single Harley riders on online biker dating apps, 2% of them have successfully found their compatible motorcycle partner within the first week of registration, while 30% took more than 6 months to fall in love with a like-minded biker chick or biker dude. Thus, there is a best timing for every Harley motorcycle rider who is looking for love.


How I Met My Biker Girl

The story started in a sunny afternoon where I was in a rally for Harley motorcycle riders seven years ago. And from a biker friend I got to know the development of online Harley dating websites, which has made an enormous contribution to the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. And it is on a same afternoon that I decided to sign up on one of the most famous online biker dating websites, which is the start of the love story.

At the very first sight at the online biker dating app I was fairly surprised at how neatly down the features were and how powerful these seemingly easy-to-use online tools can be.

There is a smart feature for compatibility between biker girls and biker guys. At first, the free Harley dating sites request the biker women and biker men to fill in a well-designed questionnaire in order to get to know their personalities. With the specially designed feature, motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys are able to find the one of the best biker matches among registered biker users with only a little of effort.

And that was how I met Jean, my wife for three years and mother-to-be, more importantly, a Harley motorcycle rider who share the same passion for Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with me. Even though I was too shy and nerdy to come up with the first pick-up line on free biker dating websites, Jean was still kind enough to respond me with a serious of kind messages. According to her, it was only because that she was new to this whole online biker dating thing, otherwise she would never reply a whole bunch of messages to a random biker dude saying only What’s up girl?

Now I guess I can’t thank this little coincidence enough, which lead to a healthy, stable and beautiful relationship between Harley girl and Harley guy. After talking for straight two month, I finally got enough courage to ask the biker chick if she wanted to meet in person over a cup of coffee or something. And as every motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, we are keen on meeting other like-minded single Harley riders. So of course, our first date was in a remote village with us riding Harley Davidson bikes around. I remember the day I found a burger stand after 4 hours of riding and two of us finished 7 local cheese burgers in a row, which was such a weird, funny and unique date experience. And it was then I started to believe in online motorcycle dating sites which, surprisingly, does even better than the traditional way of dating sometimes.

Of course, I would consider myself as one of the lucky biker babes because it didn’t take long for me to meet the right man biker or women biker. However, as long as male Harley riders and female Harley riders won’t make a bit more efforts, a love story as fascinating would come to you as well.


The New Features on Online Biker Dating Sites

As online biker planet dating has become a huge part of a tremendous number of male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders who are looking to find a compatible biker rider to either have fun, share stories about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle or a like-minded soul to start a long-term relationship with. A variety kind of free Harley dating sites have also been developing its features in order to optimize the online biker dating experience for both biker guys and biker girls. And this article is determined to show Harley motorcycle riders the new features on online dating sites for bikers that everyone in the world of Harley motorcycle riding needs to know.

The Hang Out has recently just come up with a new feature called Hang Out, which allows biker women and biker man to find other bikers love Harley Davidson bikes based on distances. Once you allow the GPS function on this biker dating site, both you and other motorcycle man and motorcycle women have the access to see each other’s distances. And if you find the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy appealing, feel free to check their profile and decide whether you want to send him or her a request to hang out. In this part, you can send a personalized message to the Harley man or Harley women such as “You want to go on a motorcycle ride with me?” or “Do you want to meet over a cup of coffee so we could get to know each other better?”. Once the message is sent, the other single Harley rider will either accept or ignore the request. When both parties are on board, it is time to meet in person and share your quality time with the other Harley man or Harley women.

The Grand Compatibility., which is famous for its scientific bases the online biker dating site has, has just launched its latest feature which has gone viral in the world of online motorcycle dating site. The Grand Compatibility makes it possible to let science to have a say about whether two biker chicks and biker dudes are compatible with each other or not. Firstly, the online biker dating service will ask each registered biker user about their hobbies, personalities as well as motorcycle riding habits. Moreover, each one of the biker babes and motorcycle babes should complete a whole questionnaire in order for the system to get to know them better. After everything is done, it is time to start a grand new journey and get your own motorcycle matches!

The Biker Counselor.
Every single Harley rider on can get free relationship counselling service once they have moved their dating spot from free biker dating sites to offline. All the relationship counselor on this biker dating platform has over 5 years of working experience and will provide solid biker darting tips to each motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude to cater to their own need.


How to be Safe While Dating on Online Biker Dating Sites

Online biker dating sites and free motorcycle dating websites provide an efficient way to meet other like-minded single Harley riders for a huge number of male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders. However, safety has always been one of the most heated topics when it comes to online biker dating for years. because it’s important that you keep your private information safe while you are looking for love on online biker dating platforms. Here are the expert online biker dating tips for staying safe while dating other biker girls and biker guy online.

Make sure your personal information is safe
Always keep in mind that you should never give out any personal information out in public such as your biker dating profile. And you can never be too careful when you meet a new biker man or biker women when it comes to giving out personal information. When you match with a motorcycle girl or motorcycle guy on the online motorcycle dating service, don’t share every single detail about your life with him or her regardless how good you feel talking with the Harley motorcycle rider. Important information that motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys should be extremely careful to protect consists of your full name, your company name, your residence address, your phone number other financial information. Think carefully before adding another social media account on your online Harley dating websites because it makes it much easier for other Harley guys and Harley girls to track you and get other important information.

Take a good care of your financial information
Keep in mind that you should never give out your financial information via any kind of online biker online dating app or website, no matter how trustworthy the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy seem to be. If you sense anything wrong might be happening, you should report the biker profile to the administration on online motorcycle dating sites in no time. And the online biker dating sites will report it to the police immediately. If you want to know more, there are more related information on the biker dating websites telling you more about the scams of online biker dating history.

Things you need to do before meeting the motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls in person
Not only you should get to know the biker chicks or biker dudes that you are about to meet, but also do some researches, or diggings. Use the information about the motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude that you know about the person to do a bit of research online. For example, try to get their other social media account to see if what they have said is true.

Last but not least, always meet your biker babe or motorcycle babe in public. Choose somewhere not so crowded with easy access to call for help. Also, it is of great importance to let your family and friends informed before the biker date just in case.


Biker Dating Tips on a Successful Dating Profile

If you have encountered the situation where you find the chance of you finding a compatible biker guy or biker girls extremely hard on one of those online Harley dating websites, maybe it is time for you to focus on your profile page on the free biker dating website. Because according to the survey conducted by 5 most famous online biker dating sites, a successful profile page can multiply at most 5 times your success rate of finding a right biker women or biker man on the online biker dating platform. And this article has assembled three online motorcycle dating advice that will help both motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to improve the quality of their dating profile on online biker dating sites.

Firstly, know what you want.
Even though every man biker as well as women biker has one thing in common, which is to find the one special Harley motorcycle rider to share their life with, but if you look more closely, you will find that every and each male Harley rider as well as female Harley rider has some thing very different when it is examined in a close way. According to a recently conducted survey among over 2 million registered Harley girls and Harley guys, 34% of them are looking to conduct a casual relationship with another Harley man or Harley women, whereas 61% are looking for a serious relationship and hoping that it can develop to something long-term and healthy. And about 70% of the biker chicks and biker dudes are looking for friendship, partnership as well as companionship. Thus, knowing what you want and put it on your profile page on biker dating websites will save you n enormous amount of time and energy, and of course, you will find that finding what you a Harley motorcycle rider who alsl love Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle is not that hard.

Secondly, be authentic.
There is undoubtedly a huge amount of motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes who want to present a perfect self to other biker ladies as well as biker gentlemen. But always keep in mind one key element in finding a compatible motorcycle gentlemen or motorcycle ladies: being authentic and true about yourself. Maybe you will get a few more matches with some more Harley dudes or Harley chicks by making a few lies about yourself, but it is important to understand that there is no point in investing in those who don’t like you for who you are, but an image that you are presenting.

Last but not least, be interesting.
No Harley motorcycle rider would ever waste more than one second to talk to those who only reply one or two words without any emotion. You can be discrete, you can be cautious, you can even be calm, but the last thing you want to be if you want to get romantically involved is to be boring. Thus, make yourself interesting, which will trigger your biker matches to get to know you better, is of great importance.


Online Biker Dating Tips for a Hot Date

Scientists who have been studying the online biker dating and Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle have just come up with a new theory: the secret to success of online biker dating is to aim high, be brief and be patient.

Biker girls and biker guys who are out there, playing out of your league, hard to get or dating other biker women and biker man who are considered more attractive than you can be a winning strategy which helps you to find the right motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy on online Harley dating sites.

Another interesting fact is that motorcycle men have a bigger chance into winning the heart of the motorcycle women who they believed were more attractive than themselves.

Thus, dear Harley guys and Harley girls, aim high is probably what you should start doing now when it comes to online motorcycle dating websites.

Thanks to an internet inspired algorithm, scientists were able to back the theory up with a study which was conducted among more than 25,000 Harley girls and Harley guys. It becomes much easier to understand the desires of man biker as well as women biker who are looking forward to connect other motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. During the study, a message and demographic pattern have just come up.
Ever since online biker dating has become the newest trend in the world of motorcycle dating, it is the second most popular ways of meeting a Harley girls or Harley guys who also share the interest into Harley Davidson bike riding.

According to the result, both Harley men and Harley women contact potential biker partners who are around 25% more desirable than themselves, which works out perfectly.

To define desirability of a motorcycle babe or motorcycle dude, scientists who specialize in the dating world of online biker dating, said it is not based on the quantity of messages a Harley motorcycle rider receive from another, but the quality of the other biker chick or biker dude that you receive message from.

When the messages a motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude come from the biker ladies and biker gentlemen who have themselves received lots of messages on a daily basis, then the motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman is desirable.

Now let’s move to the next part: patience is also one of the three keys when it comes to a hot date. The motorcycle dudes and motorcycle chicks who have enough amount of patience always tend to stick around on the free motorcycle dating sites than those who don’t. And as a result, their chance of meeting a Harley Davidson bike lover is three times higher than those who don’t. scientists on biker dating websites have also found that the longer time you spent on online biker dating sites, the bigger chance the motorcycle ladies as well as motorcycle dudes have to meet a compatible half who are also into motorcycle riding lifestyle.

Aiming high, being brief and being patient will get you a hot date with the right Harley motorcycle rider.


Tips on How to Ask a Biker Men or Biker Woman out after You Matched

The ultimate goal of every single Harley rider to get find either other friends, company or special biker boyfriend and biker girlfriend. But before they remove their flirting filed from biker dating sites into real life, motorcycle man and motorcycle girls should go though a few stages: creating a profile page to stand out from all other Harley man and Harley girls, swipe right to like your ideal biker man and biker girls, getting matches with biker guy and biker chicks and last but not least, hold a conversation with your potential biker date before ask him/her to meet. However, numerous questions arise by the point since a huge number of Harley motorcycle singles are stuck in the dilemma between being afraid to ask too soon and not wanting to keep messaging forever. In terms of the perfect timing and method to ask your motorcycle guy and motorcycle chick out, here are a few dating tips that will hopefully get you on a real Harley date!

First, you have to show your genuine interest in the other male Harley rider or female Harley rider. Instead of a few words like “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe”, a elaborated message containing at least 3-4 lines shows that you are putting effort into the relationship with your motorcycle man and motorcycle women. Remember the rule of Harley dating websites: the messages are relatively more impersonating compared to blind dates in exchange of the efficiency and convenience of free biker dating, therefore, short messages can be easily misinterpreted by your biker babes, and long messages will be serving as catalyst to keep the conversation flowing.

After you have gotten the feeling that you already have a decent understanding of this motorcycle baby, simply drop as a message such as “I really enjoy talking with you on Harley dating site, would you like to have a cup of coffee together at the local cafe?”

What if your biker babes say no? Or just to show that you are a biker gentleman or biker lady, you can as well add “It’s OK if you are not ready to meet, keeping messaging is always a good option for me”. In this way, you does not only add a gentle touch, but also avoids the embarrassing situation if your Harley man or Harley women turns you down.

Aside from the biker date developed from a carefully elaborated conversation, as a Harley motorcycle enthusiast, you can also suggest an impromptu meet up which will probably catch your male motorcycle rider or female motorcycle rider off guard. A good example is “Free for a quick dinner?”. This simple, short message does not only show that you are a confident person, but also makes the date a rather casual thing to avoid putting too much pressure on the both party. In the scenario, you don’t need to build a long conversation, after an exchange of a few messages, you are good to go!